New & second hand spinning and casting rods

New & second hand spinning and casting rods

Want to buy a fishing rod for pike, zander or perch? Then you usually look for a rod for predator fishing. For all manner of predators we have the right rod. Both new and second hand. For each predatory fishery there is another fishing rod with a different name because every rod has its own characteristics.First, it's important to know if you want to fish with a normal reel or a baitcasting reel.

Spinning rods

The most well-known fishing rod is the spinning rod. This is actually used for all kinds of fishing, but was originally made for fishing with lures such as crankbaits or spinners. You fish a spinning rod with a spinning reel. There is no "special" spinning reel, but you have to pay attention to the size. More information about the best spinning reel for you can be found here.

Baitcaster rods

It's often called a baitcasting rod, but officially they are called a baitcaster rod. Fishing rods that you can only fish with a baitcaster reel. This includes the jerkbait rods because these rods often require so much power that can be used for this reel alone. These fishing rods are widely used as a pike rod.  for pike fishing.

Jig & dropshot rods

Zander fishing is usually done with a dropshot rod or a jig rod. Often light and short rods, as they are often used from the bellyboat or fishing boat. You fish often with a spinning reel, but there are also vertical rods with a baitcasting reel.

Dead bait & catfish rods

Pike and catfish are the largest predator fish in Europe and for that you need the strongest rods. The deadbait rod resembles the carp rod and can be used for both. They are long, strong casting rods so you can throw away your deadbaits. The catfish is often short and thick because it is specially made to catch the strongest catfish from the bellyboat or boat.

Telescope and travel rods

Telescopic and travel rods are actually variants of the above mentoined rods. But they differ in size for transport. For a telescopic rod it means that the rod can be rod parts can be put in to each other, so a telescopic system. For the travel rods is often means that these are rods which are designed in 4,5 or 6 rod parts. Please pay attention that in this category only the telescopic and travel rods for predator fishing are shown.

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