Picker & feeder rods

On this page you will find new and second hand pickers and feeder rods. These rods are charactericed by a sensitive tip so even the smallest bites can be seen. For both rods often a feeder or method feeder is used. 
A picker rod is suitable for small distances and relatively small fish, the rods are mostly no longer than 3.0 meter / 10 feet and therefore much lighter than a feeder rod. Feeder rods are used for long distances and have a higher casting weight. There even are heavy and extra heavy feeder rods suitable for big rivers and heavy (method) feeders. Looking at the casting weight, keep in mind the bait you put in or on to the (method) feeder, besides the weight of the feeder itself. 

Some of the wellknown A-brands for these rods are Shimano, Spro, DAM and Korum. For the new picker & feeder rods you always have at least a 20% discount and 1 year guarantee. For the second hand rods in general the condition is very good and sometimes you will not even noticed if it is used at all. The condition of the rods will always be described as presice as possible. Are there defects or damages? We will mentoin it!
The range of second hand picker & feeder rods changes a lot, so a frequent visite to this page is recommended! 
Did you know that all our rods are shipped in solid and light tubes? We can ship them worldwide at low shipping costs!
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