Weigh slings & scales for carp fishing

The size of a carp is not measured in length, but in weight. That is why a weigh sling with scale can not be missed in your carp equipment. In addition, you want to do it as precisely as possible.
When you have the carp on your unhooking mat and have taken pictures you can weigh the carp. The best thing to do is that you have the weigh sling already on the unhooking mat before you put the carp on it. So you do not have to move the carp for weighing. If you did't do it this way, carefully lift the carp into the weigh sling. Close the zippers of your weighsling or close the bag and hang the weigh sling on the scale. After all of this, you can let the carp quietly free with the same weighing bag so that the carp does not run the risk of falling on the ground. Nowadays there are also models that float on the water so that nothing can go wrong if you don't hold on to the weigh sling.

Which scale is best for weighing the carp?
Firstly, the best known and better scales are often from brands like JRC, Reuben Heuton and / or Korda, but other brands can also weigh the carp well. We often get the question whether digital is better than analogue. A digital scale can weigh more accurately than an analogue, it is also easier to read in the dark from an illuminating screen. But an analog scale is easier to adjust if you want to weigh the carp with an unhooking mat for example. Also, an analogue scale does not work on batteries and you never have to worry about the batteries running out. So both models have their pros and cons. Almost all scale models weigh in both LB and KG, so that is a factor that does not need attention. The more luxurious digital scales often have a function to store "record fish", meaning the weight of your biggest catch.

Weigh sling
A separate weigh sling is often used for weighing carp. Some unhooking mats can also be used for this, but they are often very large and also provide a lot of extra weight. A weighing bag, also called weigh sling, must always have sturdy suspension options so that it can carry the weight of the carp. In addition, you often see 2 different models. The real weighing bags, often simple bags with 2 ropes for weighing. They often fit in a small storage bag or a compartment of your carp bag. However, they are very simple and sometimes not always safe. A safety weigh sling is a good alternative. This second model is often equipped with 2 horizontal bars at the top which provide more stability and more comfort for the carp. Often they can be completely closed so that the carp can not get out. In addition, some models have floaters so that you can use them to release the carp into the water. These safety weigh slings sound ideal, but they are a lot bigger to take with you and sometimes a bit clumsy in use.
Most weigh slings have holes at the bottom so that excessive water can get out and will not cause any extra weight.

Tip: Remember how many KG or LB the weigh scale can weigh. If you have a scale that weighs up to 25 KG, you have more than enough in the Netherlands. But if you go carp fishing abroad, a scale up to 50 KG is recommended, since they are more carp above 25 KG.

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