New & second hand feeder supports & armen

For the feeder rod often a special feeder arm is used with a feeder support. These are available in different models and sizes and also price, that brings us to the questions; which feeder support to buy? We run past all the different models and their characteristics.

Feeder arm
A feeder arm can often be connected to a seat box or platform. They will give you the opportunity to support the rod on the right spot and, more important, place the rod in the angle and direction you want. 
Please look carrefully which diameter the feeder arm has to connect it. The most common diameters are 25mm and 36mm feeder arms, also called 25D or 36D feeder supports. Older models often had a 16mm diameter which we can still offer you.
There is also the possibiliy these days to have a feeder support on / at your fishing chair. These become in handy when you don't use a seat box and just a fishing chair. They are often called feeder support, but are actually feeder arms.
Feeder arms are often made of aluminium or plastic, or a combination of both. The advantage of plastic is that it is very light, but also funerable. An aluminium feeder arm is much more solid, but is also heavier than the plastic model.
What all feeder arms have in common is that they are telescopic, so you can use them for feeder rods of all kinds of lengths.

Feeder support
The word "feeder support" is often used for feeder arm. But the feeder support is actually the support of the feeder rod. They always have a universal thread so you can put them on every feeder arm or bankstick.
Which feeder support you have to buy for your feeder rod depends a lot of your personal experience or use. Some feeder supports are just suitable for 1 rod and some are made for multiple feeder rods next to eachother. Next to that, some anglers don't like a feeder rod to be loose on the support and some do like it loose, there is not good or bad in this choice.

Feeder tripod
Specifically for rivers feeder anglers often use a feeder tridpod. When you have a fast floving river it is important that you have a minimum amount of line in the water, because it causes resistance. A tripod therefore will help you get the feeder rod(s) almost in a vertical position and therefore will get you most line out of the water. Often they also use a beach support for this, because the look and are built in always the same way.

Most of the aboth models we have always in stock, new ánd used. And of course, always low priced. Still have questions about the best feeder support for you? Please contact us and we glad to help you.

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