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Using this website
The information of this website is exclusively meant for general information. It is not possible to extract rights of the information from this website. Although CV Fishing and the holder of this website are carefull with putting together and maintaining this website and in addition to that use reliable sources, they can not guarantee the rightness, completeness and topicality of the offered information. CV Fishing and the holder of the website also don't guarantee that the website will work correct or continuous. CV Fishing and the holder of the website reject every accountability concerning the rightness, completeness, topicality of offered information and the use of this website.

Information from products, services and third parties
It does not mean, when CV Fishing and the holder of the website show links to websites of third partys, the offered products or services on or by these websites is recommended by them. CV Fishing and the holder of the website don't accept any accountability or responsibility for the content, the use or availability of websites of which is cited or cites to this website. The use of those links is for your own risk. The information of such websites is not judged by CV Fishing or the holder of the website on rightness, reasonability, topicality or completeness.

Using information
CV Fishing and the holder of this website keep all intellectual ownership righs and other rights concerning all offered information on or via this website (including all words, grafical material and logo's). It is prohibited to copy, download or use other ways of making information public, to spread or to multiply without preliminary written permission of CV Fishing and the holder of this website or the rightfull permission of the owner of the rights.

CV Fishing and the holder of the website keep the rights on offered information from or via this website delivered, including the words of this disclaimer, to change at every time without making any announcement. It is preferable to periodicaly check the information offered on or via this website, including the words of this disclaimer, on changes.

Applicable right
On this website and the disclaimer the Dutch laws are applicable. All disputes from or because of this disclaimer shall be submit to a competent judge in the Netherlands for elimination.