Spare spools

They are not always provided with a carp reel or are lost often, so we understand that you need one or more spare spools. There are many types and sizes of spare spools, with the size of the spool saying a lot about the line capacity. Large spools often have a large line capacity and vice versa. But note that a spare spool often only fits on an  specific type of carp reel. Our experience is that with Shimano reels of the same series you can often use spools of another size if they do not differ too much, for example, a 6000 and 8000 size can often be on the same reel (but this is not a guarantee). The spool of the reel is often easy to change by a push button.

A spare spool is especially useful when using another line, for example a braided line next to the monofilament line or another diameter.
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