Carryall's & bags

When you have neatly packed away all your carp fishing materials in your storage bags and wallets, you will also have to get them to the waterside. For that purpose, we have a large assortment of carp bags like carryall’s, back packs and other large bags, which you will find in this category.

A carryall is a big fishing bag with two handles, which you must carry with your hands. These bags also provide tons of storage in which you can store several things. If you take in mind the previously named storage bags in which you’ll be able to store large things like weighing scales and weigh slings, tackleboxes and much more. The advantage of such bags is that with a good layout of all your things, you willl never forget anything. At a certain point you’ll also be grabbing things on automatic pilot, which is very helpful when you’re fishing at night. The disadvantage of this bag is that it gets exhausting when the bag gets too heavy.

Aside from the carryall’s there are also back packs. These are especially helpful for walking long distances or when you must carry a lot of weight. Sometimes it’s not possible to use a barrow, so a backpack is suitable alternative. The hunting carp fisherman can’t do without a backpack. A float rod in your hand and some bait and you’ll have a wonderful day. The disadvantage of a backpack is that it doesn’t do well on its own, which the carryall is able to do well.

A good carp bag is unthinkable to not have around you. A few good brands among others are; Fox, Nash, Prologic and JRC. We have new carp bags as well as second hand carp bags.

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