Predator fishing

The popularity for fishing on predator has been skyrocketing. Of course this is not surprising when you look at the different types of fish. Predators like pike, zander, bass and perch are the most familiar. Asp and catfish are the newcomers who can attract a growing group. What these robbers all have in common is the explosive power of the bite and flight attempts. You can catch them in many ways with various fishing gear. The largest group is nowadays with various lures on or off the water.

Pike fishing
Fishing on pike speaks many fishermen to the imagination and not wrongly. This fish with its prehistoric appearance can be catched in different ways. Several predator rods, such as the spinning rod with spinning reel or baitcaster rod with a reel can help you. Crankbaits and jerkbaits are perhaps the most popular.

Zander fish
Fishing for zander can also be of great interest. Also for this predator we have a large number of products, of which the dropshot and vertical rods is probably the best-known. Zander is often fished from the boat, but you can use belly boat, so you can get to the best fishing spots.

Perch fishing
The perch is seen as a juvenile fish, but the mature sports fisherman can fully enjoy this fantastic fish. Fishing with a light and small lures such as spinners and small crankbaits, these underwater knights give you the chance of a great sport.

Who likes fishing for predators can not do it without a good landing net, unhooking mat and pliers. It ensures that you do not lose the lure and fish, and most importantly, the fish is to catch again. 

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