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Freerunner reels are the most commonly used reels for carp fishing, but are also popular for feeder fishing and dead bait fishing. They are also called lifeliners and most often mentioned baitrunners. However, only freerunner reels of Shimano can be mentioned as baitrunners. The difference of a freerunner reel with other reels is, the additional drag, which is specially designed to stop it as soon as you turn the handle or knob turnover. This extra drag is made so that the carp can swim away free and it is also adjustable, so you can ease or aggravate it to swim away. A real solution for carp fishing, because often carp take off fast after a self-hooking.

What is the best freerunner reel? 
There are some points where you have to watch out to find out the best reel for your fishing.
A common mistake is that the number of ball bearings says something about the quality of the freerunner reel, this is incorrect. Shimano reels may, for example have; less ball bearings than a beginners reel will have. However, the quality of the Shimano ball bearings are much better. Quality goes above quantity.
In addition, the line capacity is very important. Are you fishing for long distances or in deep waters, it is convenient to take a large line capacity. Perhaps it is then easy to take a big pit reel, optionally in combination with a freerunning system. On smaller waters such as ponds or creeks you better go for a reel with a small line capacity. The advantage is often the smaller the line capacity, the lighter and smaller the reel will be.
Also freerunner reels can have a double handle, consider carefully whether you like this or not. This is especially very personal, and says little about the quality or performance.

Tip; Always test if the freerunnig system is turned on, if not, the carp can pull your rod in the water on the normal drag.

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