Classic & vintage carp reels

Seen that the older carp reels on looks and sometimes on functioning drasticly differ from the modern carp reels, we have made a special category for them. The classic carp gear are often not combined with the modern carp tackle. For example, a famous ABU Cardinal spinning reel should be matched with Hary carp rod. All carp reels in this category are reels which are suitable for any way of carp fishing ánd are older than 20 years.

Do you want to try hunting down some carp with a classic set for the fist time or you are already known with the classic reels, for both groups we have enough. The nice thing about the vintage carp reels is the quality. The reels which still exist at this moment, are all of top quality and the low quality reels didn't survive the years of use. Especially certain brands will show up when we are talking about classic carp reels. Brands like ABU, Shakespeare, Mitchell and Daiwa. We therefore take a deeper look at these brands.

Probably the best known brand for vintage carp reels is the ABU or later called ABU Garcia, of which espcially the ABU carinal reels. They were and still are used and collected so much, that you will find them everywhere around the world. They are particulary produced in relative small sizes and in Europa often used with a classic float rod. The drag is very accurate and really famous. Because they are loved around the world, prices of these reels are almost the highest of all classic spinning reels.

Another worldwide known brand for classic arp reels are the Daiwa reels. They are often a big and rough, but also very solid. Especially the "Made in Japan" spinning reels of Daiwa are loved because of the high quality. The advantage of vintage Daiwa carp reels is that they are very affordable. The disadvantage is the drag, it always work but it not the best.
Classic Mitchell reel are especially known in Europe, especially because they are "made in France". In the early days, Mitchell produced many models and had a wide range, from very small to large reels. All known because they are irrepressible.  The price of the vintage Mitchell carp reels differs a lot, from very affordable till top money for specific models. Do want start fishing with a vintage spinning carp reel, than the Mitchell reels can really be recommended, because of their good price/quality ratio.

Vintage Shakespeare spinning reels are mainly populair in the Netherlands and Belgium, because they are sold there a lot. The nice thing about this brand is that they producs these reel in many different sizes. Also the drag of these reels is really good. The price of the Shakespeare reels is going up the last years.

And then there are the Shimano carp reels. Shimano is known worldwide and maybe even the best brand for (spinning) reels. But many, real old models are not available. Shimano just started in 1978 with producing its first  Shimano (baitcasting) reel. The wellknown Shimano baitrunner had yet to come many years later. But the first Shimano baitrunner carp reels are starting to get classics. Especially the "Made in Japan" versions are populair. Maybe a nice investment for later?

Tip: many important information about vintage carp reels in engraved in the reel feet. Often the country of manufacturing but also a serial number and/of the year it is produced.

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