Boilie needles & stoppers

Here you will find everything you need to attach your bait on to the hair of the carp rig and to keep it on the hair. For this you need both boilie needles and boilie stoppers.
Boilie needles are used to attach bait such as corn, pellets, pop-ups and boilies to the hair without breaking it. They come in different sizes and models. Some contain a handy clip so that the line stays on the boilie needle. It's possible that the bait is too hard for the boilie needle, in that case you first need a boilie drill. Which also can be found on this page.

When the bait is attached to the hair, it must remain in place. Boilie stoppers are used for this. They are plastic and available in different types and colours. Some even resemble a piece of corn.

Tip; make sure you always have multiple boile needles with you. Without these, carp fishing is very difficult.

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