Buzzer bars

Buzzer bars or buzz bars can be used in combination with banksticks. You can screw the buzzer bar on to 1 or 2 banksticks and stick these into the ground. So you've got your rods together. You have got buzzer bars for 2, 3 and 4 carp rods and sometimes even more rods. Some buzz bars are even adjustable in wide and/or have a quick release system. With the quick release system you can easily (de)attach your bite alarms.
Most buzzer bars are made of stainless steel, aluminium or plastic. Stainless buzz bars are the most solid and almost never have to be replaced, but they are also the most expensive and heavy. Aluminium buzzer bars are lighter in weight and cheaper, but they will rust quicker and damage easier. Plastic is the lighest in weight and also cheap, but it will break easier and is (often) not adjustable.

The buzzer bars can be assembled to your rod supports, bite alarms and swingers or hangers.

To store the buzzer bars save, you can use a buzzerbar bag. This way you can also keep your bite alarms on to the buzzer bar.

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