Bait indicators accesories and spare parts

To let an electronic bite alarm function properly, you need a tool that helps you. there are two products for that: the hanger and swinger. By using one of these products you will see that the line that runs through the beeper will work better with a hanger or swinger. For this product to work properly or if a part is defect, you will find various accessories and spare parts for the hangers and swingers in this category.
There are many parts that can be replaced or modified such as weights, line clips, chains and heads or bodies.
Heads / bodies are the name of the head of the swinger or hanger. They are often replaced because of the color or combination of that. But you can also choose to place different head by getting more or less weight on the hanger.
The extra weights may be necessary because they are not always included as standard and for certain circumstances it may be useful to attach extra weight to your hanger, for example during strong winds or river currents.
It is possible that the standard line clip is not to your thing and therefore you can often replace it. They are often available in 2 materials: plastic and stainless steel. Both have their pros and cons. A plastic line clip is very light, but therefore also vulnerable. A stainless steel line clip is very heavy, however, much heavier.
In addition to the different materials there are also different models. Ball chain clips and magnetic line clips are often used for hangers. Ball chain line clips have the advantage that you can decide for yourself how tight the clip should be. The disadvantage is that you can also adjust the clip too strongly so that it does not come off. The magnetic line clip does not have that problem and will always go off the line, but is therefore not adjustable.
The line clips mentioned earlier are also used for swingers, but swingers often use a butt clip. That is a pawl that opens as soon as tension reaches the clip by picking up the rod. This will always free your line from the line clip.
With many brands and models it is possible to replace the chain or arm of the hanger / swinger. By replacing the chain for a (swing) arm you easily and quickly make a swinger from a hanger. This saves money of course because you do not have to buy a new set. Of course, vice versa is also possible. The swinger arm is often available in limited variation, namely a plastic or metal version. The metal variant is often aluminum or stainless steel. There is more choice for the chains. There you can choose from different lengths and types of chains in addition to the material.
In certain circumstances it can be useful to use a short chain or extra long chain. You also have different types of chains such as the ball chain, cable chain and chunky chain. The choice here is mainly personal and has little to do with functions.

In addition, there are still options for illuminating the swinger or hanger without power from the bite alarm. Namely by a break light or betalight. Both can often be attached in or on the head. A break light is a stick that you can break, so it lights up for many hours. A betalight on the other hand, always gives light through its chemical content. And it keeps giving light for many years without replacing it.
Be careful not to confuse these 2 products, because the chemical content of a betalight can be dangerous when it comes out of the betalight.

Tip: the famous brands like Nash, Taska and Solar have various additions for your hanger / swinger. However the parts often only fit on the products of the same brand. So be careful that you buy parts from the same brand, unless you are sure that another brand will also fit.

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