Lead bags, accessories & bits bags

In this category you will find all folders and bags that do not fit in any other category. But they are often used by carp anglers. Because if a carp angler uses something all the time, it are bags and maps. A bag or map has been developed for each product in your carp equipment to protect or store it. The English name is often used in all countries over the world.

For instances there is a lead bag, in which you can store your carp lead. Often it consists of several compartments for various lead models. You have a scale bag in which the weighing clock can be stored.
There are also several bite alarm cases and maps in which only the bite alarms can be safely stored. The advantage of this is that these cases can really take a hit and your expensive bite alarms remain undamaged compared to a buzzer bar bag. The disadvantage of this is that you have to get them in and out for every fishing session. So it is time-consuming.
If you are looking for a bag or map for several carp products which are expensive and / or sensitive to loose in a large bag but you can not store them anywhere else, then there is the bits bag or accessory bag. These are small bags in which everything can be stored separately and safely.
Nowadays there are even bags in which a complete tackle box fits easily.
As you understand, a bag or map has been developed for every situation and then all models have not even been named. Exaggerated all these bags? Then we advise you to purchase a carryall, just 1 bag in which you can take most tackle. But we do understand, carp equipment costs a lot of money and if you want to enjoy the products for a long time, you will have to store them safely.

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