New & used fishing reels

Choosing the best fishing reel is of great importance. Not only it has to fit your way of fishing, it also has to fit your rod. You may focus on the looks of the reel but the inside is most important. The quality of a reel depends on other characteristics, determined by the use of special metals or plastic and the number and quality of the ball bearings. A plastic model with 1 ball bearing is not immediately a bad reel, the reels are very suitable for beginners or when you just go out fishing a few times a year.

First you have to choose between a spinning reel or baitcasting reel. A baitcasting reel is only suitable for rods that are designed for them, which is mostly the case with predator and sea fishing. Fishing with a baitcasting reel is suitable for precise casting and casting with relatively heavy lures.

Spinning reels can be divided in 4 different types, namely: front drag, rear drag, baitrunner and big pit & surf. The baitrunner and big pit reels are mainly used by carp anglers, the big pit & surf reels are also populair for beach fishing. The decision of the spinning reel with a front or rear drag is mainly a personal one, the qualities are the same.

Finally, you have to look at the right size, line capacity, ratio, quality and number of ball bearings and possible extra options. 
It is also pratical to have 1 or more spare spools with your reel, so you can change quickly to another sort or diameter line.

Do you want to have a quality spinning or baitcasting reel of a brand Shimano or Daiwa, but you think its above your budget? Besides our high discounts on new reels, you can also choose for a second hand / used reel. Reels of these brands often cost a lot of money, because of the high quality and therefore a second hand one can often be used for many years to come.

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