Spinning reels with rear drag

Spinning reels with a rear drag can used, just like spinning with a front drag, for almost all kinds of fishing. Think of feeder and match fishing, but also of pike and float fishing. The choose of a spinning reel with a front or rear drag is mainly a personal one, the function of the drag is mainly the same. But the right spinning reel choice is important for your way of fishing. 

So is the size of your spinning reel very important for your way of fishing. The size of a spinning reel is mainly characterised by number like 1000 (small spinning reels), 3000 (middle large spinning reels) or 100000 (large spinning reels). The small spinning reels are suitable for trout fishing, zander fishing or fishing with a small winkle picker. Middle large spinning reels are suitable for match, feeder or predator fishing. The large size models are suitable for the carp fishing and other heavy fisheries.

Please pay attention to the quality of the materials. For example, during spin fishing a spinning reel is much more often used than during deadbait fishing. So the spinning reel obviously gets wearn out quicker, so a high quality reel is required.

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