About us- CV Fishing and its team

CV Fishing started more than 7 years ago because of the need for carp tackle of good quality but for affordable prices. We are crazy about fishing, but think that it has to be affordable for everyone. Than we saw that used tackle is the perfect solution. In the meanwhile we grew to the biggest online store of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg for used carp tackle.
   During the past 5 year our range of products expand substantially with new products, but always from the best brands like Fox, Shimano, Prologic, JRC and more. On our new products you always have a minimal discount of 20% on the normal store price. Next to that we also created a range of products for the predator fishermans.  
  CV Fishing will always do its best to expand its range of products and to keep the price as low as possible. We also want to be known because of our excellent service, because we also know that this is just as important. And good service is for free!
Offcourse we also love to fish, so we know what we are talking about and know what you want!