About us- CV Fishing and its team

How it started
Wow how time flies, July 1 this year we officially exist 9 years. Before that it also existed for 3 years, but then it was still, as you often hear, from the attic room as a student. The fishing gear was under the bed, behind the TV and the packages were prepared on the desk between the study books. Customers who wanted to see the products first had to climb multiple steps through the house. After Coen had just started, Vincent quickly joined in and the business still had to be named. Being creative like that became something with CV .... And of course these two had already worldwide ambitions, so an English name was logical and CV Fishing was born. Vincent quickly started doing business in other branches, but the name CV Fishing was already well known, so we left it like this. By the way, after all these years, we keep Vincent up to date monthly during a cup of coffee or in the pub. That guy has to keep an eye on his investment!

Current situation
Well, many years later CV Fishing is still working on exactly the same as what they once started with, namely buying and selling new and used fishing gear. That "business" has now only grown to 5000 different products, multiple employees and there is a worldwide customer base.
As far as we know, we are still the only company in the Netherlands (and Belgium) that does it this way.

The CV Fishing team
Fun story but who are working there and are they fishing themselves? We will introduce ourselves!

Coen, founder
Fishing from the age of 6, but no big fish catch! Meanwhile more knowledge of the stuff itself than of catching. May like to fish with the feeder rod and night-fish on carp, but certainly also in the Netherlands to catch predators. In recent years, the love for sea fishing has also begun in distant places, because if those big fish are not caught in the Netherlands, it should only be abroad.
Ask Coen mainly for advice about the large material such as fishing rods, windmills or tents. Through years of experience, he knows exactly which products are new and second-hand of the right quality and will therefore provide years of pleasure. Do not start talking about underlines, because he still does not make them himself.

Team CV Fishing

Delon, product specialist
This man ensures that every product is photographed and uploaded on the website. Every product that comes to us goes through his hands. Fishing since he was a little boy. Joined us as a fanatic carp and predatory fisherman, but soon fell in love with the many other fisheries. So you can meet him during a whitefish contest with the fixed rod but also with a fly rod along some rivers in east Holland. Where Coen is seriously inadequate on the underline area, Delon compensates amply. Do you have technical questions about a mill, for example? This man easily dissects a vintage ABU mill but also a new Shimano baitrunner. Wants to understand everything, and that's how it works!

Team CV Fishing


Anna, cleaning lady
You obviously understand 3 (so-called) hard-working gentlemen can make a big mess. Fortunately, we have Anna. Likes to chat and has always experienced something new so there is often hard (so-called) working after she enters the building. Are you a Russian customer then Anna likes to help us with the translation. Oh yeah, she drives the coolest car of us all.