Carp reels with rear drag

Carp reels with the rear drag for carp fishing, in addition to the usual freerunner reels and big pit reels, are often used for the float rod. It may be that you do not need additional freerunner drag or large line capacity and then you are cheaper with a carp reel with only rear drag. It is important that you take a strong reel with enough line capacity. That's why you'll find on this page only carp reels with a minimum size of 4000. Smaller reels are not strong enough for the powerful carp and they also have too little line capacity when a carp makes a run. We therefore advise to purchase a carp reel which has a minimum line capacity of 100 meters with 0.30mm.An additional advantage is that these reels are often a lot lighter. 

Rather prefer a carp reel with ront drag? Sure do, for the functioning of the reel it does not matter.

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