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Frequently asked questions
  • 1. Frequently asked questions
    • 1.1. Is the product still in stock?
      • When a product is shown in our online store we have it in stock. When products are out of stock our system automatically removes it.

    • 1.2. Is the price for one piece or for a set?
      • When the product title contains the description "set of 2" or "set of 3" it means the price is for 2 or 3 products together and not for one piece. When product title does not contains these words, the price is for one piece.
    • 1.3. Can CV Fishing order the product at a whole sale company
      • Unfortunatly we don't have any connections with whole sale companies and therefore we can't order products for you at whole sale companies.

    • 1.4. What are the shipping costs?
      • The shipping costs for your order will be generated automatically by our system and are based on the weight and size of the product(s). When you click on "order" and then look in your shopping cart, you can choose the country you want to ship the order too.
    • 1.5. Where does CV Fishing gets its products from?
      • Our new products come from merchants, shops and other ways, who have stock leftovers. The used fishing tackle comes from consumers who quit fishing or change the way of fishing.
    • 1.6. Where can I find the shopping cart?
      • When you order products in our online store you can find them in right corner above and on the right side of your screen in the shopping cart at all times. You can click on this shopping cart to see what you have put in your cart.
    • 1.7. Can all products be shipped?
      • No. Unfortunatly not all products can be shipped. When a product can not be shipped it will be descripted in the last line of the product description. If the product description doesn't say anything about shipping possibilities, it is possible to ship the product.
    • 1.8. Can (carp) rods be shipped?
      • Yes, rods can be shipped by us. We ship all our rods in a solid case , so the rods can be shipped and delivered savely. Normally, the cases are to large for the shipping companies but our shipping company accepts them. The maximum length of the rod or a part of it is 1.80 meters.
    • 1.9. Why are the shipping costs 100 euro?
      • Unfortunatly, some products can not be shipped. But our system does not have the possiblity to show this and it is why our system shows 100 euro shipping costs when you order such a product.
    • 1.10. Why can not all products be shipped?
      • Some products have a special size or are very vulnerable. We often can put such a product in a save package, so we are not sure if such a product will receive savely at your address. We therefore choose to not ship the product.
    • 1.11. Can I make a reservation for one or more products?
      • Yes, you can make a reservation for one or morde products. Look at the page "make reservation" below for more information.
    • 1.12. Does CV Fishing also purchase products?
      • Yes, we purchase products from our customers. But we have set up a purchase policy, you can find this below every page and read our rules.
    • 1.13. Can I pick up a product / order?
      • Yes, it is possible to pick up every product or order. When you have made an order in our online store you can choose the option "pick up" as shipping possibility. After choosing this option will we contact you to make an appointment to pick up your product / order.
    • 1.14. Can I always come along to look at the range of products?
      • You can always come look at our range of products, but only with a appointment. Above or below every page you can find our contact information to make an appointment. Visiting is possible 7 days a week, morning till evening.

    • 1.15. Can I swap/ send back my order?
      • Yes, you can swap / send back your order within 14 days without any reason.