New & second hand fly fishing tackle

Many years ago, fly fishing was only done by a small group of enthusiasts. But fly fishing is becoming more populair the last couple of years and we understand why. You can have a great fishing day with just a fly rod with reel and a small map filled with flies, nothing more. Minimalistic and very active. The other reason why fly fishing is getting more populair is because it can also be done in other fisheries. Normally fly fishing was done for catching trout, but nowadays it is also used for other fishes. You can thing of fly fishing for roach and carp, but the most populair is fly fishing for predators like pike and perch. Of course you will need different kinds of fly fishing tackle. For instance, the small flies become streamers, which can only be casted with a heavy fly rod and fly reel.

Aftma fly fishing

To go fly fishing for small fishes like roach, trout and flag salmon, you can use a relatively light fly line to present these fishes with an almost weightless fly. The casting power for the different kind of flies and the fishes to go for is expressed in the term Aftma with the symbol #. Aftma is a worldwide known term and stands for American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association. You will find this # everywhere in the fly fishing world, for instance all fly rods and fly reels have this mark. The higher the number with the Aftma #, the heavier you go fishing. It starts with aftma #1 and goes up to #15. In the category fly rods you will find an overview of which Aftma to use for different species of fish and therefore the size of the fly. 

Something where we already can warn you for is the addiction to this kind of fishing. This is also caused by the fact that most fly fishermen also make their own flies, streamers and surface poppers. This is a hobby within a hobby. For this hobby are many but mostly divers kinds of fly tying tackle needed. Don't just think of hooks, but also all sorts and colours of feathers, furs of animals or plastic decorations.

Want to start with fly fishing and don't know how to start, or already a hardcore fly fisherman but are doubting about a product? Please contact us and we will help you.

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