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When you want to go fishing for carp, you will need a carp rod. But there are carp rods in different models and for different ways of carp fishing. We want you to buy the best carp rod for your way of carp fishing and therefore explain which carp rod you'll need.
A practical thing to know is that the length of carp rods is often measured in feet (ft) and the casting weight in pounds (lb's). The most common carp rod is a 2 partial rod of 12 ft, this is 3.60 meters in 2 parts of about 1.80 meter. The casting weight, also called test curve, depends on your way of fishing. For long distances you will need a 2.75 lb till 3.5 lb rod and for short distances 1.5 till 2.0 lb.

Carp fishing with bite alarms
The most popular way of carp fishing is bottom fishing with carp rods on bite alarms. As previously mentoined the most common rod length is 12 ft / 3.60 meter. For casting extra long distances a 13 ft / 3.90 M rod is even better. These rods often have a 50mm butt ring which improves your casting performance. Normally a carp rod has a 40mm butt ring. Nowadays short carp rods of 9 ft or 10 ft are becoming more popular. These become in handy when you are fishing with many obstacles or don't have to cast long distances.
More important is the test curve of your carp rod. The testing curve is measured by the required weight to get the tip of your rod in an angle of 90 degrees compared to the butt ring. Do you want to fish on small distances or use lead up to 60 gram / 2 oz, a rod with a test curve up to 2.0 lb is the best rod for you.
Do you often fish on middle-long distances like canals, large ponds or lakes, than a 2.5 or 2.75 lb rod is the best. You can use carp lead up to 80 gram / 2.5 oz.
At then there are carp rods designed for distances of 100 meters and more, like rivers and large carp lakes in France. Carp fishermen will often choose a 3.0 till 3.5 lb carp rod, so they can easily cast 120 till 150 gram of lead (4 oz till 5 oz).

Tip: most carp rods in Europe are 2.75 LB, so you can fish for carp on most waters.

To support bottom fishing for carp there are marker rods to mark the fishing spot and to explore the bottom of the water. When you want have more bait on your fishing spot and you don't have a bait boat or it isn't allowed, you can use a spod rod. You can put bait in a so called spod and will cast it to your fishing spod. You can find these rods here.

Float fishing for carp
For fishing for carp with a float you will need a float rod. It is an active way of carp fishing because you will have to search for carp and have to move a lot to new fishing spots. We think the best floater rod for carp is a 12 ft or 13 ft rod with a test curve of about 1.5 lb. Do want to fish for very small carp you can even use a lighter rod and when you have lots of obstacles with float fishing you will need a test curve up to 2.0 lb. These obstacles can also be a reason to choose a shorter rod of about 9 or 10 ft. 
Important is that the rod has a nice action, which means that the rod will bent quickly. This is important for easily casting the float but also gives you a nice sport for drilling a carp.

For all the above ways of carp fishing we also have hand made carp rods. Do you really want something unique and you're a proffesional carp fishmen? We will recommend to try a hand made carp rod. They are beautifull and will feeling of the sport during a drill.

Carp rods set
CV Fishing is known for selling carp rod sets, often with a big discount. For carp fishing you will probably need a set of 2 or set of 3 carp rods. We never sell a carp rod with carp reel together, because this combination is very personally. We therefore are glad to help you with choosing the best carp set for you. 

Shipping carp rods:
We can ship all our carp rods within Europe, and often even worldwide.
We can ship them fast and often for low shipping prices.  Please contact us for the possibilities and prices.
All rods will be shipped in light, solid tubes.

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