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If you want to go carp fishing you will need a carp rod. But there are carp rods in different models and for different types of carp fishing. To make sure that you buy the best carp rod for your way of carp fishing, we will explain below which carp rod you need. First of all, what is helpful to know is that the length of carp rods often is described in feet (ft), and the casting weight in pounds (lbs). Usually, one uses a two-pieced 12 ft carp rod, which is 3.60 M in tota with 2 parts of approximately 1.80 meters. The casting weight, also called test curve depends on your way of fishing. For long distances, use 2,75 lb to 3,5 lb and for shorter distances about 2.0 lb to 2.5 lb. Lighter carp rods of 1,5 lb are mainly used as a float rod.

Carp fishing with bite alarms
The most popular way of carp fishing is fishing on the bottom with the carp rods on the bite alarms, called static fishing. As mentioned earlier, the most used length is 12 ft / 3.60 M. But for long distances you often see 13 ft / 3.90 M and today, 9 ft or 10 ft carp rods are also becoming more and more popular.
Much more important is the casting weight / test curve. If you fish a lot on short distances and lead to 60 grams, then a 2.0 lb carp rod is the best option. Do you fish a lot at medium distances such as a canal or large pond / lake, then a 2.5 or 2.75 lb is recommended. You can then cast to about 80 grams of lead.
Finally, there are carp rods for long distances of 100 meters or more, like large rivers with a strong current or for carp fishing in France. When this is the case, usually 3.0 to 3.5 lb is used, so you can easily throw 120 to 150 grams of lead.

Tip; most carp rods in the Netherlands are 2,75 lb, because then you can fish on almost all Dutch waters.

To support the static carp fishing, we have marker rods that allow you to mark the feeding spot and explore the bottom. And spod rods can also be used when feeding your fishing spot with a spod. These fishing rods can be found here.

Shipping carp rods
We can ship all carp rods worldwide. But the shipping costs varier a lot for every country.
We normally can ship up to 3 rods together, which will be packed in light, sturdy tube.

Do you have any questions about shippping or need advice for choosing the right carp rod?
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