New & used baitcasting reels for predator fishing

baitcasting reel is just for same causes as a spinning reel, namely casting, trolling or jigging. But there are some important differences. At already begins with the rod, because it can only be used for a baitcaster rod. The reel has to be put on top of the rod instead of under the rod. But this not offers any advantages as regards to a spinning reel. The first and biggest advantage of a baitcaster reel is the strength of the axis. A baitcaster reel is much strong than a spinning reel because the axis is connected on two sides instead of one. So you can put more power on the line. The second, big advantage is that you drill the fish better, because you can use your thumb next to drag, to steer the fish during a fight.
The disadvantage of a baitcaster reel is that is they are less suitable for casting light lures or floats.

Between reels you can distinguish 2 types, casting reels and round reels. Both reels often called the same, like baitcaster reels and baitcasting reels, but the besides that and the looks, they are different. 
The casting reels reels are mostly used for casting (heavy) lures or for jigging. They are much lighter than the round reels and have a thumb release. This thumb release is a button that can be pusht (with the thumb) so the reel will easily releases the line, just like the toggle of the spinning reel. This will automatically stop when you rotate the handle. This way, casting with a casting reel is a real pleasure and you can cast with one hand, unlike a spinning reel.

round reel is often used for trolling with heavy lures or soft baits. Round reels are strong and bigger than casting reels, so you can fight even bigger fish ánd have more line capacity. But they are less suitable for casting, also because they don't always have a thumb release. They are also heavier, which makes casting less pleasant.

Please notice; reels are often left handed (LH) or right handed (RH) and the handle can not be detached to the other side, like most spinning reels. 

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