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In this category you’ll find your new fishing buddy, why is that you ask? You’re going to love these products so much that you’ll never go fishing without them. With a bed chair or carp chair you’ll have a very relaxed fishing experience. While you may think these fishing chairs only belong to one branch such as carp fishing, these products are also used in different fishing branches like predator fishing and coarse fishing, that’s why these products are often just referred to as fishing bed chairs or fishing chairs, even though it all started with carp fishing. From there on out it was further developed when night fishing became popular. It’s great that other branches of fishing also use these chairs, the more reason these chairs can be further innovated and developed to make sure the fisherman has the best experience whilst fishing.
Carp chair
While fishing for carp you’ll be spending quite the amount of time at the waterside. What may help you in this endeavor is a well-designed fishing chair that will help you focus. A real carp chair has a few characteristics that are needed for a pleasant fishing experience, these carp chairs are lightweight which makes them easy to carry around. They are also collapsible which makes them easily carry-able by hand. The chair legs are also adjustable which is helpful for rough terrain, which is often the case when fishing next to the waterside. These chairs have special legs that are developed so the chair doesn’t move when for example placed in mud or on slippery ground. To make the chair even more comfortable it also consists of a waterproof sheeting. The chair also has adjustable arm rests.
Carp bed chairs
Are you stepping up your game in terms of fishing times, or do you want to take your fishing experience to another level in general. Then the Carp bed chair is the perfect thing for you.
Nowadays a lot of people are fishing, and because of that it also created a ton of night fishermen.
Carp feel safe at night, which explains the amount of carp caught, which is more than when fishing at bright daylight. Fishing is also a great strain on your physique, due to lying on a normal bed chair or for example an air bed. A normal bed chair is used to lie on the beach, and an air bed is connected to the cold hard ground, which can cause physical pain after your night’s sleep. A well-designed bed chair can mean the most and is very comfortable. The moveable chair feet cause you to lie reasonably high above the ground which is comfortable and warm. The more advanced versions of some bed chairs are designed with an isolating layer which will warm you up even more and is a must have in the frigid winter seasons. A lot of bed chairs also have damping in the mattress which is adjustable with elastic. The adjustable back also makes it possible to use your bed chair as a regular fishing chair, which is also quite comfortable.
Of course we have the necessary attachments for these products, do you want to make the transport of the bed chair easier? Then you could also go for the bed chair bag or a chair bag, often there’s extra chair feet to replace possibly broken feet or defect chair feet.

We often have both new and second-hand carp chairs and stretchers in our storage. The condition of the second-hand products will be described as precise as possible. The new products will always have a 20% discount on the regular store price.

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