Quiver's & rod sleeve's

The quiver is called the main holdall for the rod sleeve's. But it certainly should not be seen as a real carp holdall. A quiver often contains 3 or more attachments for rod sleeves. That's why it's often called quiver combo, the combination with sleeves. The quiver itself offers, in addition to these fixings, the most storage space for other products of all rod holders. A quiver often consists of a large bag in which easily fit a carp tent, sleeping bag or other large carp tackle. In addition, they often have 1 or 2 compartments on the outside for banksticks, rodpod or landing net. To be able to transport all of this easily, a quiver contains an adjustable and padded shoulder strap and often also a sturdy handle.
The fixings for the rod sleeves are available in different types such as clips, elastics, velcro or a strap. Please note that when using clips, not all rod sleeves have a ring attachment for the clip. With this quiver you therefore need to take the rod sleeve from the same brand and type. The advantage of the other fixings is then that they are universal and can therefore also be attached to rod sleeves of other brands or types.
Now the rod sleeve's, sometimes called (rod) pouches These are loose holdall's in which 1 carp rod together with 1 carp reel can be stored. The advantage of this is that every rod and reel is completely protected and can not come into contact with each other like a carp holdall. Note that not every reel fits in the reel section of a rod sleeve, this can be a problem especially with big pit reels.

The pros and cons of a quiver
A great advantage of a quiver is that it has more storage space for other carp tackle in comparsion with carp holdall's. But it also has a disadvantage for some, because this makes the whole set very large and heavy. In addition, a quiver often has room for 3 till sometimes 5 rod sleeves / carp rods. It can therefore store more rods in some cases. In addition, 1 rod goes in a rod sleeve and a rod sleeve protects the rod the best. This, of course, also has a disadvantage, namely that the whole unit dangles loose with each other and is also less compact. In addition, the rod sleeves have the advantage that you can use them without the quiver. If you want to take everything with you in a compact way, you can only take the loose sleeves with you. Then it is even more compact than a folder.

Tip: buy the sleeves at the same size as the rods. Not smaller, because this does not fit and not bigger because it is that the reel seat is on a different height for the reel case.

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