Monofilament fishing line

Although the monofilament line, also called a nylon line, is probably the most used and well known line in the angling world, this isn't the case for predator fishing. For predator fishing the braided line is by far the most used line.
Monofilament line has as its most important characteristic its resilience. It is also very abrassive resistant and in easy to use. An elastic line is not ideal for predator anglers, but it can still be used for predator fishing. Especially when your are fishing with lures you want to feel every little nibble / bite of the fish.
But the high abrassive resistance will give you the opportunity to fish on spots with many obstacles without constantly worrying about a line break. Another advantage of a nylon line is that is a lot cheaper, which is especially nice if you ar on a budget or just started fishing.

Which is the best monofilament line to buy online for predator fishing?
We have just mentoined the pro's and con's of the monofilament line so this brings you to the point of buying a nylon line. The best nylon fishing line for predator fishing is mainly determined by the diameter and strength for the sort of predator fish your are fishing for. The colour of the line is not important.

We therefore advice you to use the following diameters and strengths per predator fish:

Pike: 0.25mm - 0.40mm, 6 t/m 10 KG (13 - 22 LB)
Zander: 0.18mm t/m 0.25mm, 4 t/m 6 KG (9 - 13 LB)
Perch: 0.16mm t/m 0.22mm, 4 t/m 5 KG (9 - 11 LB)
Trout: 0.12 t/m 0.22mm, 3 t/m 5 KG (7 -11 LB)

Using a monofilament line for catfish is always a discussion between many anglers. We think you can use it, but please let us explain it. A braided line will of course give you a lot of power for the same diameter, which you will need for catching catfish. Very suitable for fishing from a bellyboat. But a bite of catfish can also mean the end of your bite alarms when you are fishing from the waterfront, they can cut right thrue it. A catfish will also go for the obstacles after it hits your bait, which is less of problem with a monofilament line because of the high abrassive power. So all in all, there is not good or bad. It depends on yourself and your way of fishing for catfish.

Which diameter and strength of a monofilament line do you need for catching catfish? At least 0.50mm up to 1.3mm, strengths from 13 KG / 29 LB are necessary.

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