Rod holdall's & rod tubes

In this category you will find an undervalued product and completely unjustified. Holdalls and rod tubes are indispensable if you want to carry an expensive spinning rod in a proper way. The increasingly improved carbon where most of the rods are made of has one disadvantage. The fishing rods can be the biggest fish, but a small tap of a hard object can be disastrous. Therefore, transport your fishing tackles always ordered and safe during a fishing day.
A holdall is a nice result for this. You can buy a holdall in different types and sizes. For example, you already have a holdall for 1 fishing rod, but there are also holdalls where you can transport multiple fishing rods. They are also where you can store a combination of rods with mounted spinning reels and/or baitcasting reels. The handy of this is that you only have to get the holdall at the waterfront and you can fish straight away. 
Do you want to make a fishing trip and bring your own fishing rod(s)? Then it is a must to use a rod sleeve. There is a lot of happening on the way and a broken fishing rod(s) is a bad start. They are often made of very solid synthetic material. The advantage of this is that they stay very light, which is so convenient during a trip.

- Do not confuse the total length of the fishing rod with the transport length of the rod. The size of a holdall or a rod sleeve must be suitable for the transport length of the rod.
- A Rod sleeve can sometimes be very narrow, so the diameter of the rod sleeve must be large enough for the fishing pole's starting eye.
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