Swimbait lures

A swimbait is a lure which consists of 2 or more parts. On our website we put them under crankbaits, because many swimbaits have a blade (lip) on the head just like a crankbait. But there are also swimbaits without a blade and are therefore more a jerkbait than a crankbait. To make it easy, you will find all our swimbaits here.

Action of a swimbait
Because a swimbait consists of multiple parts it gives a natural action. The more parts it consists of, the more flexible it swims and the more it looks like a real fish. At this point a swimbait differs from 1 partial lures like the "shaking "crankbait" or a "stiff" jerkbait
It is not recommended to reel-in a swimbait to slow or to fast, because it will loose its action. This sounds difficult, but it isn't. By just testing the speed simple in front of you in the water you can see what the right speed should be. This makes it actually a easy lure to use, because it already provides a beautiful action by itself. Of course you can also give it some action by yourself by, for example, stop reeling it in for a second. This is exactly the moment which many pikes use to attack your lure. Swimbaits are also very suitable for trolling because of its action.

Which swimbait to buy?
Swimbaits are available in many sizes, starting from a few centimers / inches till even 30 centimers (12 inch). Of course not every model is suitable for you. The small models of a couple of centimeters till about 12 cm are very suitable as perch and zander lures. But most swimbaits are pretty large and heavy which makes them especially famous to be a pike lure. Please pay attention to the weight of swimbaits, because they are normally heavier than normal lures. You have to keep this in mind with the casting weight of your rod.
If you have determined the right size for yourself, you probably question which colour of swimbait to buy?
Many swimbaits have natural colours, because of their natural action. Thé best colour or colour combination doens't exist, not taking personal experiences into account. The general advice is to use natural coloured swimbaits in clear waters and for dark or muddy waters more bright coloured swimbaits.

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