Snag ears & rod rests

You can put different rod supports on a rod pod, buzzer bar or bankstick. We distinguish 2 types, front and back rod supports. The back support is often called rod rest or back rest, it is made to carry the back of the carp rod. You really need this. They are made in different models and are made of different kind of materials like rubber, stainless steel or plastic. It depends on your own prevence if want a rod rest which just supports the rod or also locks the rod. Rod rests always have an universal thread, so they will fit on all fishing tackle with a thread and for all brands. We really like the rod rest of Solar, Taska and Fox.

Than there is the second type, the front support, also called the snag ear. A snag ear will prevend your rod from getting pulled out of the bite alarm. Another advantage of snag ears is that you fish in an angle of 90 degrees, without your rod getting pulled into the water. And if you ask us, they also make a nice combination with the bite alarm.
Please be aware of the different models of snag ears, not all snag ears will fit behind a bite alarm. There are also snag ears which can be connected to the bite alarm directly and/or can be connected directly to a swinger or hanger of the same brand.

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