New & second hand carp float rods

Float rods are thé rods when you want to go fishing for carp with a float. It is the active way of fishing for carp and can easily be done when you don't have much time. You really are searching for carp along the waterside. 
The old, classic float rods have lengths from 3.0 till 3.60 M and are often made of (fiber) glass. More modern float rods are longer, often 3.60 or 3.90 M (12 or 13 feet). The ideal test curve for your float rod depends on the circumstances, fishing with many obstacles demands a more heavy test curve of about 2.0 LB. Do want to go float fishing on a small water with hardly any obstacles, than you can even catch the biggest carp with a 1.5 lb float rod.
Float rods are also suitable for fishing for brim and barbel, but also deadbait and sea bass fishing. Very important is to have the right carp reel on your float rod. A light spinning reel or a small freerunner reel is recommended with max. 0.30mm nylon fishing line, because you have to hold and cast the rod a lot. Saving weight is therefore important, just like a thin line which makes casting easier.

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