Jerkbait & baitcaster rods

You want something different than a spinning rod with reel or do you need more power? Then a baitcaster rod with reel might be a possibility. Both a jerkbait rod as a baitcaster rod can be recognized by the "trigger" grip, a sort of handle on where you can put your finger behind, also known as pistol grip. Because you fish with a reel makes this grip sure you hold the rod firmly and can not rotate. The advantage of these fishing rods is that the reel provides extra strength and you can throw with your reel in one hand. There are also differences between these rods.

Baitcaster rods
These rods are commonly referred to as reel rods. They are basically the same rods as the spinning rods, only then for a reel. Where care must be taken is that the baitcaster with rods can not be fished with light weighted lures. A reel casts less fine for light lures, but often throws again fine for heavy lures such as large plugs or softbaits. Often, a drop reel (that is a flat, baitcaster reel) is the best for this purpose.

Jerkbait rods
You can also get jerkbaits with a strong spinning rod, but a jerkbait rod with reel is finer.
Jerkbaits are often heavy and with a stiff jerkbait rod with reel you can easily cast them in and get in. Jerkbait rods are officially up only 220 cm long and can be combined well with a round reel for example, ABU Garcia.

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