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In the world of carp fishing having a bedchair is a common cause. Especially due to the night fishing, because it is extremely successful in many waters. The carp is a shy and smart fish and you often have to invest a lot of time to catch it. It may be possible to spend a couple of nights on a bedchair and you definetly don't want to spent all that time on an air mattress. With many bedchairs you can adjust the back support, allowing you to take a restful place during the daytime. And because there is also a lot of daytime use, a lot of bedchairs have a washable end against dirty shoes / feet, also called welli wipe.
More importantly, a bedchair is positioned about 40 cm above the ground so you are less likely to suffer from cold. An additional advantage of this height is that you can get up faster if you get a run, for example. All bedchairs have adjustable legs, because fishing spots often don't have an equal ground and you want your matrass horizontal.
Today, not only the carp fishermen are pleased with this product. Also the deadbait fisherman on pike love it.

Next to that, we always have a number of related accessories in stock for your bedchair. You sometimes have to walk a lot to get to the fishing spot and then a bedchair bag is very handy. Here you can put the bedchair in it so that it is protected but also easier to transport.
For sleep comfort, a thick pillow is nice to use, they are often made of fleece so they are easy to keep clean. Often the pillows can be attached to the bedchair or to the sleeping bag so that it doesn't fall on the ground.

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