Nieuwe & Tweedehands banksticks

Banksticks are the ideal solution for carp fishermen who likes to be packed light. They are easy to store and they take hardly space. On the banksticks you can directly assemble your bite alarms, swingers, hangers and back support. You can also assemble your buzzerbars on it.
Banksticks are especially useful when you are fishing on a soft undergound. They are easy to drill in to the ground and to adjust them in height. The banksticks are available in various lengths and most banksticks can almost be made twice as long as they are standard.
When you want to fish with your rods pointing down, then you take a higher bankstick for the back. You do the same with the front if you want it the other way.
The disadvantage of banksticks is that they cannot be used on hard grounds like rocks or pier. 
Banksticks are available in various materials, but the most sustainable are stainless steel banksticks, these are also more expensive. Aluminum banksticks also work perfectly fine and they are a much lighter ánd cheaper. But they will bend quicker or rust easier. 
The advantage of banksticks compared to a rod pod is that you rods can be on different places or point in different directions.

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