New & Used Telescopic & Travel rods

Sometimes you don't have the space for a rod and that is why a telescopic or travel rod are thé solution. The telescopic rod is foldable because of the rectractable parts. This makes the transport length much shorter as other rods and does it look a lot like a travel rod. A travel rod is specially designed for travelling and often fits in your luggage. This means that the rod often consists of multiple loose parts and therefore has an even smaller transport length. Besides that, such a rod (often) will be delivered with solid travel case, for extra protection during your journey. Pay attention to which kind of rod you need, because you will find different kind of rods. Besides that, you may find rods for fishing with a spinning reel as with a baitcasting reel.

Tip: be carefull with folding a telescopic rod to hard, often the guides will get loose and damage.

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