Shipping information

We can ship 99% of our products worldwide. Our system will automatically generate the shipping costs if you add the product to the shopping cart (don't worry, you are not ordering the product yet this way).

Shipping rods and long items

Do you want to order more than 1 rod and / or 1 or more long items? Please read this first;

In 1 tube will fit 3 rods maximum (max. 1.98 M). 
Often 1 or 2 rods can also be shipped together with 1 or more long items in 1 tube. 
Long items are landing net handles, throwing sticks, banksticks, feeder support arms, etc.

Our system will calculate more shipping costs than predetermined for a product, but we will refund the overpaid costs if it fits in 1 tube. 

Shipping rods with other products
Do you order a rod together with another product, like a reel. Than these products have to be shipped separately, so you will pay for 2 packages.
Only small items which are suitable for mailbox post can also be shipped together with a rod in 1 tube.

Shipping rods & products longer than 1.98M
All rods and producs are longer than 1.98 meter can also be shipped, even to almost all European countries. The same conditions count as above, just the shipping costs are higher.

Shipping to another country? Please contact us.

Large products
If you want to order multiple large items than these products have to be shipped separately.
Examples of large items are bait boats, bedchairs, seat boxes, trolly's, domes, etc.

Do you have doubts about the shipping (costs)? Please contact us. We can tell you what the actual shipping costs will be.