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The fact that carps like to be active in the night is not a secret. This fish is also well known in all seasons. For night fishing on carp, you obviously need a carp tent and bedchair. But a sleeping bag gives you a wonderful night's sleep, as long as the bite alarm does not go off. In the summer you can of course use a thin sleeping bag, even if it cools off in the night. A shroud is also an option. A shroud is nothing but a blanket, but then for carp fishing. This can for instance be waterproof or can be attached to the bedchair.
Do you also go fishing for carp in the colder months, then a 4 season sleeping bag or even a 5 season sleeping bag is a must. The most important thing now is that you remain warm and therefore alert during your session. The best brands such as Nash, Fox and JRC offer a quaranteed warm night but also offer quality closure of the sleeping bag. It does not sound important, but this zipper should not prevent you from getting out of the sleeping bag quickly, when the bite alarm goes off.
What you should also look for as an option on the sleeping bag is a zipper on both sides of the sleeping bag. It is also useful to have a sleeping bag with a bedchair attachment. You know you want to get out of the sleeping bag as quickly as possible if you have a bite but the sleeping bag will stick to you. Thanks to the bedchair attachment, it always stays neatly on the bedchair.
Now a good carp sleeping bag is nothing without a pillow. This can also be found in this category, as well as a bag for your sleeping bag for transport or storage.

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