Spinning reels with front drag

Spinning reels with a front drag can be used just like the rear drag reels, for almost every type of fishing. For example feeder and match fishing but also for pike fishing or floater fishing. The choice of front or rear drag reels is often a personal choice. The functionality of a front and rear drag is almost the same. Watch carefully that the choice of spinning reel is matching your type of fishing.

The size of the spinning reel is very important for your type of fishing. The size is often indicated with numbers like 1000 (small size spining reels), 3000 (medium size spinning reels), or even 10000 (large spinning reels). The small spinning reels are suitable for trout fishing, perch fishing or fishing with a picker. Medium size spinning reels are suitable for match fishing, feeder fishing and predator fishing. The large size reels are often used when u fish for heavy fish like carp or other heavy fisheries.

You should pay attention to the quality of your material. For example during spin fishing you use the spinning reel a lot more as when you are fishing with death bait. The spinning reel wares out a lot faster, so high quality spinning reels are necessary.

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