All kinds of lead you need for carp fishing

Here you will find everything you need for carp fishing that is made of lead and / or sinks. There are many types of lead with different functions and therefore it is important to know what type of lead you need. We distinguish between 3 types of lead for carp fishing; casting lead, back lead and rig lead / sinkers.

One of the most important types is the casting lead. This lead is made for placing your bait in the right way and place on the bottom, often by casting it to your spot. There are different types such as swivle lead, in line lead and method feeders.

Swivle lead is often attached to a lead clip. The lead clip system ensures you that a carp can easily lose the lead if the lead is stuck and possibly still catch the carp. It is a safe system which is good for the carp. The other advantage of swivle lead is that you can easily replace it. The disadvantage of blackboard is that it gets tangled up with your bottom line more quickly.
For inline lead you will have to get your main line thrue it. The advantage of in line lead is that the carp hooks itself faster and better. A disadvantage is that you replace it less quickly and you will easily pull your rig in a soft soil. Which is not the case with swivle lead.
Method feeders were first used mainly in coarse fishing, but nowadays also more in carp fishing. A method feeder is a kind of inline lead to which you can attach a bait ball made of groundbait. The disadvantage of this is that you will need a lot of casting power and you ultimately have relatively little lead for rig.

A very different type of lead is back lead. This is an extra piece of lead which you attache to the main line after your cast. This ensures you that the line runs largely over the bottom and you do not suffer from boats or line swimmers coming through your main line. The disadvantage is that your main line will run more risk by coming into contact with water plants, mussel banks or other dangers on the bottom. That is why a variant has also been designed: sliders, also known as flying back leads. These sliders are made of lead and have to be attached on top of the rig tube or leader through your main line. It ensures that the last part of your main line is on the bottom and the carp does not swim through your line quickly, just like with the back lead. But with with back lead your line is on the bottom almost for the entire length.

Ultimately, you also have lead for your rig so that it stays on the bottom or sinks quickly. You can use putty, sinkers or shots for this. This can come in handy if you fish with a pop up rig.
Putty is a workable piece of lead which can be made in the size and shape of your own choice. The disadvantage is that it not always stays on its place very well compared to sinkers or shots.
Sinkers and shots are almost the same, of which sinkers are often a bit more heavy and the shots are more small and light pieces of lead.

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