New & used carp fishing tackle

New & used carp fishing tackle
Carp fishing is very popular in Europe and once you caught one you know why. There are many ways to fish for carp where carp fishing with bite alarms is the most well-known. These are the fisherman who are staying along the lakes and canals. They are fishing with a piece of lead and a special carp rig on the bottom of a pond, river or a lake. Carp is almost in every European lake or river. On the end of the rig you find a boilie which is not mounted on the hook but on a small loop at the end of the rig also called "the hair". The carp sucks up the bait at the bottom en takes the hook with it at the same time.

For this kind of fishing you have to use a set of 2 or 3 carp rods with carp reels. The rods lay on a rod pod with bite alarms. The bite alarms called alarms because there making a screaming sound when you have a run. Under the bite alarms you have the swingers or bobbins. The bite alarm in combination with the swingers or bobbins ensure you that you can hear and see that the carp is pulling your line.

Also popular during static carp fishing, is night fishing. You will use an 1 or 2 man bivvy, also called a brolly.
And you can sleep on a bedchair in a warm 4 season sleeping bag. The sound of the bite alarms are making sure that you'll wake up during a run of carp. Of course, there are a lot of other products which you can use for static fishing and night fishing, you can have a look in our online shop in other categories with an explanation of every product.

Static fishing often takes a lot of time en and requires a lot of patience. That is why fishing with a floater is also very popular. You have to use a float rod with a small carp reel and a carp float. You are walking along the river or lake while stalking the carp fish. It is a very active way of fishing and you can do it as long as you like to.

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