Holdall's, rod wraps and rod protection

The quality of some rods/carp rods are exceptionally good, especially with expensive carp rods. To progressively make the rods lighter (and higher quality) carbon will be used to make the rods thinner and harder. An excellent development but, the rods will also become more vulnerable. When transporting the rods, a lot can happen.
That’s why a hold all is a must have, and in this circumstance a carp hold all. Which is mostly made for 2pcs carp rods which are roughly 12ft long and offers space for 3 rods and for your carp reels or regular reels. Next to that you’ll also be able to store loose rods a fishing umbrella or a landing net. All your rods and umbrellas will be protected by a separation wall. A carp hold all also has one or more storage bags on the outside of it, where you can safely store all your carp fishing things like, rod pod’s, bank sticks and bait alarms. Nowadays carp hold all’s also provide storage for carp rods with reels or carp rods that are 9ft. A carp hold all sounds like the best option, but remember, if you store all kinds of things in the hold all it will become very heavy.
Next to that there are also rod sleeve’s or pouches. These are loose hold all’s where you can store one carp rod and carp reel. The advantage of this is that the rod is even more protected than when it’s stored in a big hold all, where the rods have a small chance that they will collide and possibly cause damage. It also takes up less space and is way lighter. The downside of the quiver is that it moves around a lot and that it’s less compact. Also the quiver often doesn’t have any storage bags on it, which can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing.
The simplest rod holder is the rod band. If you want to get to the waterside as fast as possible then the rod band might be the best solution for you, if you want to take two rods to the waterside, then two rod bands should be more than enough. Rod bands are small fabric holders that will keep all the parts together, Sometimes the rod bans will have a small storage bag where the assembles lead can be stored, so it doesn’t damage the rods, of course you can also just use it to keep the parts together. A carp hold all extends the longevity of your expensive rods and makes it so your rods are in clear view. A hold all is an investment that will be worth every penny!

Tip: Some reel storage might be too small for big carp reels like big pit reels.  

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