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As unique as a fly rod is, this also counts for fly fishing reel, also called fly reel. These can only be used with a fly rod. The reels are very simple in use and compact in size. And it has to be this way, because casting a fly rod will demand a lot of focus and energy. Just like with the fly rod, the aftma is the most important to look at, which will be further explained later. Another important thing for the fly reel is to have enough space for the fly line and backing line. This backing has to be strong enough for a strong fish. For fly fishing the rod, line ánd fly/streamer are the most important.

Which aftma for which type of fishing?

The aftma of a reel does not stand for the type of fish to fish for, it says something about the casting weight and casting power. A heavy fly or streamer demands a higher aftma then usual. And vice versa when you want to cast a small fly or nymph, it is remmonended to use a lower aftma and still get a relatively large fish. But to give you an idea which aftma is needed for a certain type of fish, here is an overview.

#1-3: small white fish, trout and flag salmon
#4-6: large white fish, perch, trout and flag salmon
#7-8: carp, pike, salmon, large trout species, and small saltwater fish
#9-11: carp, large salmon, large pike amd larger saltwater fish like sea bass
#12-15: tuna, tarpon and other very large saltwater fish

On this page you will find both new as second hand fly reels. If you have any questions about the condition of an used fly reel, please contact us.

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