Carp chairs & accessories

Not every carp angler likes night fishing. The biggest group goes out during the day to catch this shy and smart fish. You won't get much sleep and you don't need a bedchair. A carp chair is the perfect solution. Now, you could also use an ordinary outdoor chair, but they have many disadvantages. The fishing chair, for example, has special mud feet, so that they do not sink into the ground. Often the legs are also adjustable, so you can place it on any surface. The comfort is especially great with the renowned brands like Fox, Nash and JRC. Remember that when fishing for carp you often sit at the waterfront for a longer period of time so comfortable seat is what you need.
Besides sitting comfortably it is also useful to keep a few other points in mind. The weight and size of the chair is important for transport. An adjustable back rest is nice for some anglers but not for everybody. The choice of armrests is also very personal.
To facilitate the transport of the chair you also have chair bags, which you can easily transport with a shoulder strap.

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