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Another term that came over from English carp fishing; rig wallet. If you put it simply, it is a map in which you store carp rigs and / or rig material. There are often 2 different models to distinguish or a combination of the models.
The first model is a rig wallet with 1 or 2 rig boards, which are flat pieces of foam. Here you can use fastening points and pins to structure and store your carp rigs separately. Often this model also has one or more (small) storage compartments where you can store end tackle for carp rigs or boilie needles.

A model that looks a lot like it is the rig box. With a rig box principle is the same; you can keep the carp rigs in a structured and separated way. Often however, the foam plates have been replaced for other attachments. But the biggest difference is in particular the solid plastic box compared to the fabric wallet. So it is much more solid. The disadvantage of a rig box is that they are smaller in size and can therefore store fewer carp rigs.

Then there is the second rig wallet model; a rig wallet with PVC storage bags or compartments. You can also store carp rigs in this wallet, but they can easily get tangled. We advise you to use this rig wallet mainly for carp rig materials such as carp hooks, sleeves, beads, tools or braided hooklinks.

The most practical model is of course a combination of the above rigwallets. We have both new and used rig wallets in stock.

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