The best carp braided fishing line

Braided line is a popular fishing line for carp fishing, especially for static fishing. Which means that you fish at the bottom with a lead system and carp rig, and use bite alarms and swingers on the waterfront. For this way of fishing, you often have to fish for on long distances and the advantage of a braided line is that it has no stretch in contrast to nylon. Because braided lines are literally a braid of plastic fibers, it is also very strong with a small diameter. Which can come be useful for the sensitive and strong carp. Because there is no stretch, this is also a danger to the carp's dril. The carp often wants to swim to obstacles, which is a danger for braided lines which are less abrasion resistant. 

Attention; a braided line can be very sharp when there is tension on it, which can cut the fish or your own fingers.
Never fished with braided line? Try it, you will fully understand why it is so popular!

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