Hand build carp rods

Hand built or hand made carp rods are probably the most beautiful carp rods. They often have a great paint finishing and consits of materials that are lighter and better than factory carp rods. You can think of materials like ALPS reel seats, FUJI guides and stainles steel materials.
Besides the looks there is another big difference, which is harder to see. Namely the blank of the rod,  the basis of a rod. The action is often much nicer and more precise than ordinary carp rods. You should really have to feel this! Some of the well-known blanks for hand built carp rods are CTS blank, Talon blank, Harrisson blank and Sportex blank.
Some of the hand built carp rods are made in a limited series and some rods are just specially made for one person. Well-known rod builders from the Netherlands are Cor Spinhoven of CJW, Bart Bakker, Wout van Leeuwen and Co Sielhorst. We often have carp rods in our online shop built by these rod builders.

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