The best monofilament fishing line for carp fishing

The nylon line, also called monofilament line, is probably the most famous fishing line you can buy and the most important part between the carp rod and carp reel. Nylon has the important characteristics that it is stretchable, abrasion resistant and easy to use. The stretchability can be seen both as an advantage and as a disadvantage, given the extra slacking of the fish, but unfortunately you do not feel everything directly as with a braided line. Nylon carp lines are often available in different colors such as brown, camouflage or bright. Do you really want a line that is hardly visible in clear? Then a fluorocarbon line is a recommended.
Are you a starting angler? Then start with a nylon fishing line.

Which nylon fishing line can you buy online?
First of all, pay attention not only to the thickness, also the tensile strength, elasticity and color are important.

For carp fishing we advise you to pay attention to the colour of the water. You prefer a line that is "camouflaged" in the water. Frequently used colors are therefore clear / transparent with clear water and green or brown line with muddy waters. In addition, we recommend the following diameters and strengths for the different ways of carp fishing:

Static: 0.25mm to 0.35mm, 6 to 10 KG
Big rivers or France: 0.30 mm to 0.40 mm, 9 to 12 KG
Float fishing: 0.22mm to 0.28mm, 5 to 8 KG

Do you still have any doubts for what's best for you? Please contact us and we will help you.

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