Carp storage bags & wallets

A carp fisherman has many things with them that have often cost them quite the sum of money, to get everything to the waterside safely. There are many different storage bags and wallets which have been developed especially for carp fishing. The many storage possibilities will make it easy to find all your tools, of course there is a wallet or storage bag for every product.
You can’t just loosely store your carp hooks & rigs, those belong in a rigwallet, There are many different models, from simple wallets with one or two foam sides in which the rigs can be stored with a clear view, to other variants where small carp material can also be stored. To quickly set up your things or pack them buzzer bar bag’s were made, in these bag’s you can store the buzzer bars of your rod pod, along with your swingers and bait alarms. This way you have all your things stored together and protected. For those who find a hold all doesn’t protect their carp reels well enough, there is an alternative called the reel bag. The reel bag is a simple bag made especially for reels and made in different sizes and multiple sizes of reels, with these bags your reels will last longer and they’re easily reachable. For almost every product in the carp fishing scene, there has been a bag that’s been developed especially for that product, are you looking for a wallet for your lead? Try the lead bag, are you looking for a wallet for your rigs? Try the accessory bag, And so on. All these products have been developed for carp fishing, but of course you could also use them for other ways of fishing. Do you have a lot of small storage bags and wallets, then there is the carryall or the backpack to help you carry all your things. Before you know it everything has a storage bag, just ask your fellow carp fisherman!

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