New & second hand bait & boilie bag's for carp fishing

A bait bag is an attribute which many carp fisherman can’t do without. A bait bag will help keep your bait as fresh as possible during a fishing day. Bait bags are available in multiple qualities, sizes and with or without extra storage spaces. These bags often have a thermal, isolating layer, so that you can keep your frozen boilie’s or bait fresh all-day long. Some bait bags are also referred to as cool bag’s. Because these bags are often provided with an inside that’s easily cleanable, you could also store other items in them like food or drinks, but also frozen fish bait for the predator fisherman. There also is a boilie bag, in which you can store boilie’s or pellets separately, if they’re not stored separately or cold they will start to rot. You can see that the bait bag is a multi-purpose tool for not only carp fishing but also for coarse fishing, predator fishing and sea fishing.

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