The best and cheapest boilies

For boilies, hundreds of flavors and brands are available. They all declare that they have the best boilies or have the best flavors. Certainly, some flavors or brands sometimes catch better on a certain water or period. The scopex boilies or krill boilies for example are very famous flavors, but you catch the carp basically with every size or taste of boilie. They sometimes say carp boilies, not that there are just boilies made for carp. No, the boilie ensures that you only catch carp. Sure there is a large bream occasionally and you will catch more whitefish at 15mm or smaller, but from all the carp baits the boilie is the bait that catches carps! We can not recommend the best flavour, because this is a matter of experimenting on the water(s) where you fish for carp. For the size of the boilie we advise to take at least 15mm and some boilies are even available up to 30mm. This does not mean that the smaller boilies do not catch (large) carp, but certainly more whitefish.
Because we buy stock remnants, we can always offer the top brands such as Martin SB, Rod Hutchinson and Dreambaits with at least 20% discount.
To make your boilie on the bottom special compared to other fishermen you have to experiment! Make your boilie unique by putting it in a boilie dip or combine it with a mini pop up or artificial corn, for example. But you can also catch carp in other ways. For example by using an older boilie or breaking the boilie into 2 pieces and putting on the hair. Nothing is too crazy as long as you respect the carp and the fishing water.

Tip: do not go around asking for the golden tip for the best boilie, just by being different you can catch more fish.

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