Pop ups

For those who do not know or do not use the pop up, the pop up is a floating boilie. Because it is floating and still used as a bottom bait, it is available in small quantities and not in large bags such as with regular boilies. It can therefore only be used as a bait on the hair and not as extra bait.
It also has many similar benefits as the boilie, namely that it is suitable for long distances and can remain on the hair for a long time. Even the ingredients are often (almost) the same as the boilie. A difference that you often encounter between pop up and boilie, is that the pop up often gets a fluor colour, to make it stand out.
In our opinion, pop ups are still underestimated by carp anglers. Sad, because it is slightly different from the boilie and it can in some circumstances provide more carp. Think for example, of soft soils in which your bottom bait would sink and will not be visible to the carp. The pop up can ensure you that it stays just above it. You attach the pop-up on the hair and you place a lead-shot below which is exactly enough, to net let the pop-up lift the carp rig. Usually you put a pop up at about 2 to 3 cm above the bottom. So even with a standard rig with a small adjustment you can already fish with a pop up.
The pop up also lends itself perfectly to combining. Think of the snowman rig. Here a (mini) pop up is placed on a boilie and it looks like a snowman. You can also think of other combinations that make sinking bait weightless.

Nowadays also ready-made, weightless hookbaits are available and are called wafters. This can be in the form of a dumbell or boilie. Because of the low weight it can easily fall on a bed of weeds or leaves without tools. We advise you to mount the wafter short onto the hook, because the wafter will lay higher on the bottom than the hook. Otherwise the hooking will not run smoothly.

Tip: before casting, always check the rig with the pop up or wafter in the water where you can see it.

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